DapDap Odyssey Vol. 1: Uncharted Realms

February 27, 2024 – Starting today, we are excited to unveil the much-anticipated launch of DapDap Odyssey Volume 1: Uncharted Realms. Odyssey is a transformative experience, exclusive to DapDap, designed to redefine the traditional approach to user onboarding and engagement. From the outset, Odyssey will come with a gamified ‘Spin-to-Win’ feature, allowing users to complete tasks across different DeFi protocols while aligning with DapDap's vision to serve as the ultimate Attention Layer for the market.

To boldly go where no user has gone before…

Odyssey Volume 1: Uncharted Realms will be limited to a single week (lasting from Feb 27th - Mar 4th, 2024), as we invite our users to explore the carefully crafted selection of Ethereum L2s across esteemed ecosystem partners: Linea, Base, Manta, Scroll, and zkSync.

By transforming the act of bridging to the latest Ethereum L2s on the market to become both engaging and rewarding, the first season of Odyssey represents the next evolution in DapDap's journey to gamify the Web3 onboarding experience. With just a single spin, Odyssey enables users to earn a wide selection of DapDap point (PTS), with a rare opportunity to secure the grand prize of up to 10,000 PTS! All the while, giving DapDap users the chance to immerse themselves in the hottest Ethereum L2s on the market.

In essence, Odyssey is DapDap’s unique approach to take the thrill commonly found in loot boxes from traditional gaming, and craft it into a truly seamless user onboarding and potential airdrop hunting flow — without the platform ever charging a fee or directly requiring user funds.

DapDap Odyssey - Earn Prizes:

  • Four-of-a-Kind: Earn 500 PTS for aligning four identical patterns

  • Three-of-a-Kind: Receive 100 PTS when three icons match

  • Special Prize: Attain 1,000 PTS by landing five L2s icons excl. DapDap logo

  • Grand Prize: Secure 10,000 DapDap PTS with five matching icons

DapDap Odyssey - Secure Additional Spins:

  • Engage with quests from DapDap's partner ecosystems

  • Enjoy DapDap's seamless experience with simple on-chain actions

  • Share your Odyssey journey on social media to dap up your friends

Step into the future with DapDap — where attention is all you need.

About DapDap

DapDap is your universal gateway into Ethereum Layer-2s. The platform offers a seamless and accessible interface that streamlines navigation across the world of DeFi and presents it under a single UI. With support for over 150+ dApps, DapDap boasts a comprehensive list of services, featuring trading, liquidity management, asset bridging, and more.

Moreover, recognised for its functional and zero-fee Uniswap v3 gateway, DapDap has become the preferred choice for Decentralised Front-end-as-a-Service (DFaaS)— making interactions across Ethereum L2s effortless and engaging for all users.

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