DapDap Odyssey Vol. 3: Scroll Expedition

April 10, 2024 — Today, DapDap is proud to unveil the much anticipated Odyssey Vol. 3: Scroll Expedition. This volume takes inspiration from the mystique of ancient Egyptian tombs, inviting user to delve deep into the rich tapestry of Scroll Ecosystem's offerings. With an aesthetic that echoes the lore of the ancient world, Scroll Expedition is your path to be rewarded as a user for navigating the untold treasures hidden within Scroll's expansive DeFi ecosystem.

Venture into Scroll's Expansive DeFi Ecosystem with Odyssey Vol. 3
Venture into Scroll's Expansive DeFi Ecosystem with Odyssey Vol. 3

A Journey of Monumental Success

In just under 30 days, the DapDap has welcomed over 75,000 users, achieving a staggering 90% on-chain conversion rate through more than 400,000 missions executed. Moreover, the DapDap Layer Bank interface has seen an impressive $800,000 deposited during this time, underscoring the trust and engagement found within our community.

Exclusive [Redacted] Rewards from the Scroll Ecosystem

As part of the first cohort to engage with the Scroll Expedition, participants are set to be rewarded by the Scroll Ecosystem for their efforts, a testament to the value and opportunities present within the DapDap gateway. While the whispers of benefits float through the air, embark on the expedition to claim your share of the Scroll Ecosystem's generosity.

Evolving Adventures: The Dynamic Unveiling of dApps

With the sands of time gradually revealing secrets, 15+ dApps will be unveiled through the month of April, each introduction marking a significant milestone for DapDap’s integration of the Scroll ecosystem and rewarding active users for regularly visiting the campaign.

The following dApps are available in Vol. 3:

  • DEX: Metavault V3,SushiSwap,Skydrome,Zebra,DODO,SyncSwap,SpaceFi,iZiSwap, Uniswap V3,Ambient

  • Lending:LayerBank,AAVE V3, Cog Finance

  • Bridge:Orbiter, Interport Finance, XY Finance, Scroll Official Bridge

  • And more to come…

Each mission presents a new chapter, a new puzzle piece in the vast DeFi landscape waiting to be explored. Engage in a series of on-chain interactions, including bridging, swapping, and lending, along with social activations that draw you closer to the heart of DapDap and the Scroll Ecosystem.

Embark on the Scroll Expedition

DapDap Odyssey Vol. 3 is a beacon for those who dare to venture into the unknown. With DapDap as your compass and the Scroll Ecosystem as the horizon, we step into the future — where attention is all you need.

About DapDap

DapDap emerges as a solution to the critical challenge: how can we streamline the discovery of the Ethereum ecosystem? Serving as a universal gateway, DapDap offers a unified in-app experience, redefining DeFi with a single intuitive interface. This is designed for the seamless navigation of over 150 dApps and 14 networks — making interactions across Web3 effortless and engaging for all users.

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